Welcome to Sapphire Pictures, film production studio based in Cairns, Australia. Click here to email Producer Travis Bain, especially if you'd like to invest money. :)

Actors wishing to be considered for future roles must send CVs, headshots and showreels (where possible). People with no acting experience will not be considered.

Unsolicited scripts and story ideas will be deleted unread. Enquiries from composers will also be deleted as we just receive far, far too many.

Here is our current slate of projects:




Available on DVD in Australia, the US and Canada and on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK and Germany.

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Note: the original US DVD from MVD Entertainment released July 2015 was faulty. It had an authoring glitch which made it skip 9 minutes of scenes in the middle of the film. Please ensure that you purchase the September 2015 reissue of the US DVD.


Starspawn: Overture

The short prequel to the epic feature film Starspawn

(tentatively slated for release 2018).

Watch the teaser trailer: 

"Starspawn: Overture" teaser trailer from Travis Bain on Vimeo.

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The new feature film thriller now in production.
Watch the teaser trailer: 

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